I want more people to feel less alone.

It's a curious phenomenon ...

We became entrepreneurs for the freedom, the opportunity to set our own rules, work from anywhere, create a life we love doing work that lights us up.

Why then are so many of us silently falling apart?

And worse still: We think it's just us!

And it's not like being people of faith helps. I have a friend who just recently opened up about being bi-polar in an online bible study and they kicked her from the group!

We need to do a better job of looking after our own.

Because if we can't love on our brothers & sisters, what hope do we really have of loving on the people who don't know Jesus yet?!?

There’s such a pressure to have it all together, to present a well-rounded, polished public persona.

And because that’s all anyone really puts out in the public domain, it leaves us feeling less than stellar because we know the mess inside our own heads.

From time to time, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues hit the headlines and our social media platform are flooded with messages of love, support and understanding.

And that's great. But what about the rest of the time?

I'm El Edwards, mental health champion, happiness geek and founder of the Faith And Business Playground.

I'm here to talk openly about mental health, the "dark side" of entrepreneurism, and offer tools, support and resources to help bring more joy to the journey.

But it doesn't stop there ...

Because I'm not interested in helping you to survive. I want you, your faith and your business to thrive.

Why? Because it'll make you smile (and making people smile is one of my favourite things to do!) and it's good for the planet.

This world needs you, your brilliance, your light.

So yes, we're going to talk about the stuff no-one else wants to admit to, we're going to make your day to day life more delightful and we're going to help you share more of that brilliance with the world by cranking up your motivation and helping you get stuff done.

Think of it like three super awesome legs on an otherwise weird and very unstable stool!

Which leaves you with two choices ...


Close this window and run for the hills!