#81: Growing the perfect for you tiny business with Paul Jarvis

Growing up in a society that celebrates bigger and better, it can be hard to buck the trend and do something completely different but that’s exactly what designer, author and creator Paul Jarvis from pjrvs.com has done.

In today’s episode we talk about the mindset shift that goes along with doing something counterintuitive to the accepted wisdom, what Paul does on those days he gets in a bit of a funk plus what, if anything, he’d do differently if he were starting over in 2018.

Also mentioned in today’s episode, Paul’s new book, Company of One, which is released in January and available to pre-order now. Visit ofone.co to find out more.

(I’m about fifty per cent of the way through and am loving it so I’d highly recommend you check it out. #justsaying )

And to follow Paul on the one(!) social media channel he’s on (because Paul doesn’t do Facebook) go to twitter.com/pjrvs

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