Are you ready to invest 90 days to finally get that goal or project done?

Spoiler alert: Thinking or talking about it isn't the same as actually doing it!

If you're tired of pushing yourself to do #allofthethings, if you promise yourself that this week it will be different, only to find yourself staring blindly at the glowing computer screen Rent A Boss is for you.

Because big goals are wonderful and exciting. They get us out of bed in the morning (except when they don't because we feel so totally paralysed by the weight of our own inaction!) and make everything feel fun.

But here's what the productivity gurus rarely tell you: Big goals are not how you get stuff done!

Hiya, I'm El Edwards, author of five published novels, mum of three, unpaid taxi-driver, school governor,  and (most importantly for our purposes today) your "Rent A Boss" mindset geek, coach & personal cheerleader.

(I tell you all that because I need you to understand that I'm about getting stuff done in the real world, not waiting until you have the perfect ideal life circumstances. You have a lot of demands made of you and I get that.)

I help entrepreneurs just like you bring their business goals into the spotlight. Laser focussed. Full beam!

If you're ready to make consistent, measurable progress (and have a great time doing it!) it's time to ... Rent A Boss!

Introducing … Rent A Boss

Here's how it works ...

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Immediately after making payment you'll be prompted to download my Quarterly Quickstart PDF guide. This will help us hit the ground running!

The very first Sunday afternoon (or Monday morning if you prefer) after you signup, you'll send me a quick email with your 3 - 5 MIT for the week.

I'll take a look, help you tweak & adjust if necessary, and you'll be all set to power through the week!

When Friday rocks round you'll get an email from me for "celebration and clarity". Fridays are magic! "Celebration" is about taking a few minutes to reflect on the week ending - because we're generally fairly terrible at remembering to celebrate the wins!

And with "clarity" we think about the week to come, where you're headed, and any tweaks or adjustments needed to keep you on track.

I'll often have questions or suggestions but the real magic of this process comes from you knowing you have someone holding you to account. "Bossy with love" I've had clients call it.

Plus my mindset magic is always available to help quash the gremlins!

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"When it comes to achieving your goals, there are loads of systems and hacks, but nothing beats the personalised attention you get from El. And I never knew working on my projects could be such fun!

I'd recommend El to any entrepreneur who's ready to build their next project, the enriching project that will give you more from life. We all know that in order to hit the payoff, the reward of a new project getting underway and completed, you have to invest in them. El will help you make it happen!"

- Rebecca Tall Brown, Office of Awesome

"Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come." - Dwayne Johnson

Frequently Asked Questions ...

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