Making Jesus CEO Of Your Life & Business, Simply By Being Youier

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Because to live in the centre of God's will, it's time to embrace your inner weirdo.

I’m El Edwards - mental health champion, irrepressible silver-lining spotter, positive psychology geek - and I'm here to help.

It's time for you to be Youier!

Because guess what? When you start being youier, it ripples out and impacts lots of different areas of your live and business.

Youier productivity. Youier goal setting. Youier happiness. Youier faith. Do you see where I'm going here?!?

Instead of doing things the way someone else says you 'should', you start doing things in a way that honours, respects and allows you to be you. 

That begins with a conversation. Just you and me. Thirty minutes. The Strategy Sofa:

  • Clarify your direction and - more importantly - why this matters to you.
  • Uncover hidden challenges and blindspots.
  • Create a three-stage long term plan and next-step action plan.
  • Leave our time together renewed, inspired and re-energised.

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"El is a damn genius when it comes to intuition. And not only that, but she knows how to use her gift to help you uncover things about yourself that you didn't even know - which can be really powerful when you learn how those things can both strengthen and weaken you.

I would recommend El over and over again. She will be your right hand woman, standing behind you all the way, helping you to focus, know your priorities, and take the steps you need to take to move forward and kill it. Boom!"

- Ashley Ambirge, The Middle Finger Project